Drinking from the Hose

by the llamadors

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released June 12, 2013




the llamadors San Diego, California

It all started when Tony and Rachel jokingly wrote a song about not bothering to take your t-shirt off for coitus. the llamas are always writing, recording and playing gigs...

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Track Name: Calimesa
Buried in the sand and under a rock
Barefoot skin slides on top
Hammered its head and snapped its claws
Bones cracking like a pair of maracas
In the only place I ever wanted to be
Crawled out of the hills and into the sea
Trade the wooden raft for a trip up the straight
Molluska served off sand dollar plates

Trapped in Calimesa Cove
Stayed out with a man I barely know
There can only be one tyrant on the stove

I stopped drinking and I found my legs
The tail disappeared in a couple of days
Woke me up, mud licked off my face
Warm blood pumping like a beat double bass
Piled of cracked shells laid out on the beach
Then I swallowed the pollution back up the stream
Traded the jellies for spined vertebrae
Ocean for a kitchen sand for a buffet

I don't ever want to see you
No I Don't
Track Name: Hey Chicky
Oh wa oh wa oh wa oooh
Where am I supposed to grow

I was outside drinking from the hose
powder puffed eyes and miracle grow
found some strange weed in the flower bed
oh I was interested

Hey Chicky Said Bloom

Fingers twirl threads in blue jean holes
Kicked initials into back lot walls
Put our burnt butts into the dirt
I miss my glen-plaid skirt

Halogen light screwed in tight
Cabinet shelf tin-foil lined
Lego walls conceal the light
Plush Tigger to hide behind
Track Name: Baby on the Way
Make out club two things on my mind
The motorcycle boy and getting a ride
Laughed like I laughed at the clambake
Wishing that the bottle would spin my way

Showing my teeth and never blinking my eyes
Smoked in the circle as I sit Indian style
Heaven calls we’re going to the closet
But Teddy Wong says that he already called it

Baby on the way
They rush me down the hall
Baby on the way
Thought I’d feel nothing at all
Baby on the way
People stare like they know me
Baby on the way
Cos they know who’s the daddy

A couple of shoves and they were out on the street
I couldn’t believe they were fighting for me
The blade swept through Teddy’s gut
I picked up the knife and wiped off the blood
Motorcycle Boy takes me away on his bike
I’m going to jail stay with me tonight
My bare skin swims in the grass
He swims in me as Virgo drifts pass

Baby on the way
No more make out parties
Baby on the way
Keep my dates at county
Baby on the way
Visit time has passed Baby on the way
Press my love into the glass
Track Name: Coconut Crab
Swimming in a boat in the bottom of the sea
Swimming in a boat that don't float when you're eating seaweed

Go Go Go To the coconut tree
Get in the coconut shell
Grab the coconut rum
Make your coconut float

The crab is the coconut
The shell is the boat I hide away
In a sandy hole
Track Name: Fries in the Hop
When it gets so dark that the street lights quit
And the dried grease makes my Dickies stiff
Lined up boxes of golden fries
I want to shut the windows and turn out the lights

Put the fries in the hop and pour on the salt
Put the Coke in the cup and put on the top

Hey Manager I need Friday off
Oh why not
Hey manager I need to go smoke
Step on the roach

Headlights parade all through the night
Stopping to bray at the lighted sign
Just a tune in my head to time the flips
400 repetitions in a shift

Hey manager your son’s on the phone
Sway on those fryers til the day light comes
Track Name: What the Kids Want
What the Kids Want
Pry open the night
With two fingers stuck inside
They know
The Kids know
They know what they want

Nibbling in your ear I press my breast against your ribs
My fingers trace your boxers and you make room for my wrists
Two sleeping bags zipped up on their sides
I focus on your hands and I keep my eyes shut tight

We're cozy lice
Pull my hair to the side
Down to the pores
Have you kissed one before
Your grips a vice
Fingers open the night
Skin sweats the cold
It's totally normal

The night is cold I grab the blanket from the trunk
At least the grass isn't wet when you take me to the ground

Two birds are out they're searching for someone
The spot light stops on me and I giggle at your tongue
Track Name: Popsicle
Hey Baby Das.
What’s up?
Kristy said she saw you and M Boy
What she say?
She said she saw you on the 905 and he wasn’t wearing a helmet
Hmm, he never does

If I was your popsicle, I’d be a cherry on your tongue

Ten little M&Ms coloring my palms
Necklace wrapped tight around my tongue
Who’s baiting who do you suppose
I just want to ride wherever he goes

We were revving his two stroke at the pier
Beneath the boards the clams all closed up in fear
I felt so beautiful tweaking on the cliffs
Tennies splashed the tide pools crushed lemonheads

I miss my friend Baby Das Always off with M boy If she were here I’d give her My ring pop and fingertrap toy

Teeth gripping his leather my hands at his waist
Holding him close with the wind combing my face

Keep the sissy warm With my Keds on
And when he’s gone he’s waxy as candy corn
Rubs the tiger balm When my legs are sore
Track Name: Pounding Business
After all that pounding business
We still love the kisses
Aspirin and water melon wine

Calling things by the proper nouns
This world's a place I wrap my legs around
Aspirin and water melon wine

Like a jolly rancher sticks in your mouth
This bottle's spent two years on the shelf
Filthy dread sacks and dimes

I breathe my affection into your lungs
Tap-dancing fingers and tongues
Feeling all pimply inside

Staring at the TB test I finally realized what I want
The nurse had left Doc wants to feel up my lumps

Fifteen with a death wish And a migrant at the Boones Farms
23 cocktails In bed and you never see my arms
Track Name: My Ducky Boy
Hey, here's all yous Ducky Boys

Hey hey hey My Ducky Boy

With fingers smooth as Elvis on water skis
When the call came in we flew over the back seat
Clambake was jumping his eyes were narrow
I threw the speaker box right out the window

Big Sis says that I have a choice
But my skirt is high to go to the point
See His Face
Smashed by my Ducky Boy

Hey you guys do you know what you just did?
No what we do?
You signed up for the armed forces
No way
How could you do this to me
Track Name: Otay
We raced out around Otay
Flashing my tits to cars passing by
Just me and my boyfriend His friend and my friend
Stripped off our clothes and dived off the dam

There in the lake you kissed me deep
In my mind I begged you to go inside of me
I kissed your neck and rubbed your chest
Realized you were swimming for the both of us

Took our IDs down to TJ
We'll be 18 in a year anyways
We drank Tecates to New Wave beats
You kept dancing when I puked on your feet

On the way home we parked at the school
I wanted to stay the night with you
We sat on the tire swings and I felt your hard-on
Scammed there where I went to kindergarten

Don't drive too far
We don't got all night